Agitation Resource, Inc. Product Description

ASM Group - Non-Atmospheric Mixers

The ASM group of liquid agitators provides an extensive selection of heavy duty, non-atmospheric agitation equipment. These units are specifically designed to satisfy the full scope of mixing applications that require a pressurized or vacuum environment. Agitators in this group share all the characteristics of the AHM Group but are all flange mounted and are provided with a pedestal to allow access to the sealing devise.


Based on process requirements, ARI offers three choices for vessel seal-off. A lip seal may be employed in very low-pressure applications. If the design criteria include higher pressures or partial vacuum, a split mechanical seal or a stuffing box may be recommended. With a high pressure or full vacuum application a mechanical seal may be required. Based on service conditions, a single or double cartridge mixer seal with appropriate seal face materials would be provided. ARI selects the proper seal configuration for the application; however, the mechanical seal itself, is provided by a nationally known seal manufacturer. ARI always respects a customer preference for mechanical seal brand. A prime design consideration is providing ease of access to the sealing device for either replacement or repair. Adequate working space is always provided within the confines of the mounting pedestal.