Agitation Resource, Inc. Products

AHM Group
The AHM Group consists of rugged industrial agitators suitable for large vessels. The flange or plate mounted drives can be centered or off-center mounted on baffled or non-baffled vessels. Gear reducers are high efficiency and low maintenance and can be driven by electric or pneumatic motors.

The chemical industry has diverse agitation objectives and requirements. Diverse objectives require that an extensive collection of impellers, different in form and function, must be available. ARI offers a complete range of impeller types and designs. ARI can ensure that the proper impeller is selected for every agitation challenge.

ARI's Equipment Modification Service
A service that offers the option to modify or upgrade existing equipment regardless of manufacturer. Older mixers can be modified, upgrade, or re-engineered to improve performance and accommodate new products or meet new process requirements or objectives. The EMS service is the most cost-effective option for upgrading mixer performance.

ARIP Group - Portable Mixers
The ARIP Group of portable mixing equipment provides a full range of heavy-duty clamp-on or cup-mounted units that can be driven by direct-drive or gear-reduced electric or pneumatic motors. They are rugged in construction, low in maintenance and operating costs.

Agitation Systems Utilizing Electronic Sensing and Control
The ultimate in agitation performance, this unique system is designed for liquid draw-down processes or processes requiring agitation at various liquid levels.

ATM Group - Equipment for Totes and Drums
ATM Group mixers give outstanding performance for all totes and drum applications. Numerous mounting options include rail, lid, and bung. All units are heavy-duty in construction and performance, yet light weight for ease of movement.

ASM Group - Non-Atmospheric Mixers
Agitators in the ASM Group incorporate easily serviced mechanical seals or stuffing boxes to control tank pressure, vacuum, and fugitive emissions.

ALS Group - Lifting Equipment
The ALS product group is a comprehensive line of lifters designed to accommodate movable drums, totes, or vats.

ASN Group - Side-Entry Mixers
ASN Group agitators are Side Entry units used on vessels where top-entry is not ideal due to cost or physical constraints. Mechanical seals maintain the integrity of vessel contents, and the use of stop-off collars allow for service on the seals even with full vessels.

ALI Group - In-Line Static Mixers
In-Line Static Mixers, the ALI Group, are ideal for blending miscible liquids. Blending is accomplished in a straight-line chamber where internal plates generate an agitated flow. There are no moving parts; mixing energy comes from the fluid moving through the device. All units are sized and configured to achieve optimum mixing results with minimum pressure drop.