Agitation Resource, Inc. Product Description


Construction materials are appropriate for all process requirements. Choices include 304-304L SS, 316-316L SS, carbon steel, aluminum, titanium, and high-nickel alloys. Large selections of polymeric and rubber-based coatings are available to inhibit corrosion.

Pitched-Blade Turbines

These turbines are designed to accommodate vessel geometry and are ideal for suspension of light to moderate solids, heat transfer, blending, or storage-tank use. They feature a 45-degree angle design or high-efficiency 30-degree pitch.


ARI radial turbines can achieve diverse process objectives. The size and number of units is dictated by vessel geometry and process requirements. Although ARI radials are inherently high-shear, which is ideal for emulsion formation, at lower rpm these units prevent build-up of solids on the bottoms of vessels and accommodate low-level agitation.

Sweep and Gate

ARI sweep, gate, or combination turbines are ideal for high viscosity agitation and all are designed for vessel geometry. Minimal maintenance to facilitate replacement of side scrapers and steady bearing wear sleeves is a design criteria.


High-efficiency ARI disc radials are the ultimate choice when large amounts of solids or gas must be dispersed quickly throughout a liquid medium. These units are designed to meet the most demanding dispersion and process requirements. When matched with pitched-blade turbines, difficult agitation problems are solved with ease.

Marine Props

A large selection of square and steep-pitch units constructed of 316 SS are available. They are ideal for small volumes and less demanding requirements.


ARI's unique Foldaway impellers are the ideal choice when access to materials is restricted by container opening size. When not in operation the impeller blades fold such that the impeller passes through the opening. When activated the blades open due to centrifugal force and pumping action against the fluid. Stop the mixer and the blades fold and can be extracted from the vessel. Variable speeds give a full range of mixing intensities, from gentle to violent, for materials from water-like viscosity to 50,000 centipoises. High-efficiency blades produce low shear levels, and the axial-flow orientation produces excellent top-to-bottom mixing.

ARI-1 impellers are designed for small volumes of materials. With blades closed, they pass easily through openings as small as the pour spouts of 5-gallon pails

Industrial-grade hand drills that accept 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch shafts and have 1/3 or 1/2 horsepower motors can drive them.

ARI-2 impellers are for larger volumes and meet all requirements for material in 55-gallon drums. With blades closed, they insert easily through standard 2-inch NPT drum openings, and when activated, deploy a full-size axial-flow impeller.

Industrial-grade hand drills or small pneumatic or electric motors can drive them.

ARI-3 impellers are designed for use in standard tote containers. With blades collapsed, they insert through 6-inch openings and deploy full-diameter blades. They can be driven by direct-drive or gear reduced pneumatic or electric motors.