Agitation Resource, Inc. Product Description

ASN Group - Side-Entry Mixers

The ASN group of side-entry agitators provides an extensive selection of heavy duty, custom designed agitators. These units are engineered to provide excellent mixing results in large vessels. An excellent choice when top-entry units are not ideal due to cost or physical constraints. Agitators in this group share the characteristics of ASM and AHM agitators.


Based on process requirements, ARI offers two choices for vessel seal-off. Based on the degree of seal off desired a packed stuffing box or mechanical seal may be recommended. A single or double cartridge mixer seal with appropriate seal face materials would be provided. ARI selects the proper seal configuration for the application; however, the mechanical seal itself, is provided by a nationally known seal manufacturer. ARI always respects a customer preference for mechanical seal brand. A prime design consideration is providing ease of access to the sealing device for either replacement or repair. Adequate working space is always provided within the confines of the mounting pedestal. A stop off collar is provided within the vessel. When engaged, the outside seal can be removed even when the vessel is full of material.