Agitation Resource, Inc. Product Description

AHM Group

The AHM group of liquid agitators provides an extensive selection of atmospheric agitation equipment. These units are specifically designed to satisfy the full scope of atmospheric mixing applications. Agitators in this group all use standard commercially available components, which have been selected with great care, to meet our demanding design criteria. The extensive available options, over 180 out-put ratios, allow for the creation of a precise solution for every agitation application.


In general, the selection of the most suitable reducer form is dependant on the intended function and sometimes-physical constraints. All of the gear reducers used for AHM agitators are energy efficient. Depending on the number of gears involved, power transmission of 95-98% is to be expected. This efficiency translates into electrical power savings as well as lower frictional heating which helps to lengthen the service life of the unit.

ARI employs three reducer configurations

  • In-Line with helical gears
  • Parallel shaft with helical gearing
  • Right angle with helical spiral-bevel gearing
Gears and case
  • Gears are manufactured to the ANSI/AGMA 2000-888
  • Gears are CNC machined and carburized to 58 – 62Rc
  • Cases are manufactured from SAE Class 30 cast iron; heat treated and stress relieved
Gear Reducers
  • Gears and bearings are splash lubricated
  • Output shafts provided with double lip seals. A true dry-well option is available
  • Lubrication options include mineral or synthetic oils as well as FDA approved lubricants
  • Output speeds can range from 1.6 rpm to 386 rpm
  • Minimum AGNA rated service factor of 2.0
  • Bearings have a rated L-10 life of 100,000 hrs


Motors used to drive the AHM agitators range from Fractional hp to 200hp units. The motors are available in all of the voltage and frequency configurations necessary to satisfy the diverse sources of power. Motors satisfy NEMA /IEC standards. Mounting for motors can be integral, C-face or foot-mounted. Foot-mounted motors employ a motor scoop and flexible coupling for attachment to the reducer. C-face motors are connected to the reducer with an adapter and flexible coupling. Integral motors are supplied with a pinion gear for direct gear engagement. Depending on service conditions, motors may be tefc, explosion proof, wash down duty, chemical duty, severe duty or inverter duty. All NEMA standards for insulation and service factors are satisfied. Class B insulation is standard; however, motors with class F and H insulation are also available. Bearings are sealed with grease, which is adequate for the life of the motor.


Shafts range from 1.00” to 4.50” in diameter and are designed to withstand all of the torsion and bending forces created by the agitator. Solid shafts or hollow designs may be employed to achieve the desired end results. The material of construction is determined by process requirements. A majority of applications are resolved with the use of 304 or 316 stainless steel or their low carbon analogues. Shafts constructed of Titanium, High Nickel alloys or Carbon Steel, with or without a protective coating, are also available. In cases where long shaft lengths are encountered, ease of installation is achieved with the use of in-tank, welded flange couplings. The mating flanges are joined with a rabbet or a precision centered locating pin to ensure that the straightness and concentricity of the shaft is maintained.


When long shaft lengths are encountered, it is good practice to provide support to the lower section of the shaft. ARI offers both bottom mounted and side mounted steady bearings. Both types are designed for ease of maintenance and service. Bushing material is dictated by process conditions; however, ease of replacement is always assured.